Diagonal concrete bucket with platform

Diagonal concrete bucket with platform

Description and specification

Concrete containers with a working platform type Zb/S/Platform and oblique (side) pouring are used to transport concrete mass and other materials of similar consistency using cranes. The container operator can be transported along with the container. They have a jaw-like system of closing the drain hole, which is driven by a gear.

Container type Zb/S/Podest is an ideal solution for construction works with difficult access, e.g. pouring walls in the vicinity of other buildings.

Norm: The product is made in accordance with Directive 2006/42/W, marked with a nameplate and marked with the CE symbol.


Typ Capacity, m3b, mmd, mma, mmh, mmWeight, kgLoad, kg
Zb/S/Platform - 0.750.7515801480210011004203000
Zb/S/Platform - 1.01.0017001480210011004403000
Zb/S/Platform - 1.21.2017501480210011004504000
Zb/S/Platform - 1.51.5017501580215011004805000
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